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Acrylic Painting with Annie - Flowers


This class will be full of colour and fun whilst we paint and learn in Zoom style.

Great for beginners or students wanting step by step guidance with their artwork, or for artists who'd like to keep exploring acrylics.

Using your own flower photographs as a subject, Annie will help you understand and learn acrylic painting techniques. Soon you'll be creating artwork you can proudly put on display.

Annie is looking forward to seeing new and past students to inspire them and make them smile.

This class is to be delivered through an online classroom via Zoom. We will email a link prior to the start date, the link will enable you to join your class each week.

Art supplies needed:

  • Set of Acrylic paints - Annie recommends Matisse Atiler or Global, Josonja or any you can afford if just starting. Colours needed- primary red, blue, yellow, black, and white (you will use a lot of white so a large bottle or 2 small)

Then if wanting extra colours - Cereluan blue, yellow ochre, burnt umber are good, it’s up to you.

  • Paint brushes - various sizes

  • Canvases - any size you would like to use.

Computer/laptop with webcam, microphone, speakers or a smart device such as iPad, iPhone or other smart phone/tablet to participate. Make sure you have the Zoom App

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