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Argentine Tango

Originated in Buenos Aires, Argentina and is probably the most famous dance style in the world. Tango is an expression of love, passion and unconditioned communication between two dancers that are depicted in a fascinating, mesmerising, playful and hypnotising movement in which the man leads his dancing partner to an epiphany where nothing other than dance, music and perfect harmony exists between the two. The Argentinian Tango is of a flexible embrace, dramatic postures and full of sensuality. It is complex and simple, structured and improvised while providing endless opportunity for self-expression and personal style.
Tango is Argentinian emblem of culture recorded by UNESCO on the cultural heritage list.

No pre-requisite! Tango dancers consider themselves as forever beginners.

To be able to interpret Tango music into enjoyable dance phrases that are fluid, aesthetically pleasing to watch, built on intuitive communication between two dancers.

What to bring
Well… in Tango we always recommend bringing a colleague, a friend, someone you love, maybe someone you want to share dance of passion with, one you wish to befriend with, however, even if you just bring yourself with a big smile and positive energy we promise to welcome you with big Argentinian Tango embrace.

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