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Digital Volunteer Mentor Training

**Training session for digital literate community members interested in becoming a volunteer digital mentor.

We are seeking volunteer mentors to assist learners over the age of 50 to become digital literate.**

What is a digital mentor? There are still many people that need help to use the internet and learn essential digital skills. Digital Mentors support people to build their confidence and skills to use digital technology. Being a Digital Mentor is about inspiring people to try using digital technology and supporting them through their first steps using computers, mobile devices and the internet.

Qualities you need Supporting digital skills is not all about technical knowledge - you don’t need to be a ‘computer expert’. Being a Digital Mentor is more focused on being good with people. You need to have patience, enthusiasm, adaptability and be good at listening. You just need a basic understanding of the internet and how to use a range of devices. If you don’t know how to do something online you’ll have the skills to search for an answer.

The mentor role Digital Mentors are there to help and encourage people to learn, but not do everything for them. You need to be aware of the boundaries of your role, and not try to help with things that you may not be qualified on, such as legal, financial or health issues.

We are currently seeking volunteers to facilitate face-to-face sessions and/or online sessions (using Zoom or MS Teams).

Learners will range in their skills from having no prior experience to intermediate. Possible topics may include:

  • What is a computer?
  • What is the internet
  • How to use a keyboard
  • Safe passwords
  • Paying safely online
  • Using the internet
  • How to use Zoom

Students face different barriers to accessing digital devices, such as fear, accessibility or lack of knowledge and support. It is important that you, as a mentor, are aware of these barriers and have a lot of patience to offer support to the learner.

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