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Bach Flower Essences

We are very excited to announce and introduce a new course and tutor - 'Bach Flower Essences' with Petrana Barac-Dunn.

Are you finding it hard to balance your general health, well-being and the ongoing challenges that Covid -19 poses? Feeling out of sorts? Join us to learn how this simple, natural system of 38 flower essences can help to restore emotional balance, peace and harmony in your everyday life. Discovered in the 1920s by Dr Edward Bach, the Bach Flower Essences can be used by adults and children. Take time to explore these flower essences and find out how they may help you as well as learn how to prepare your own, just as Dr Bach wished.


  • Learn to recognise how Bach Flower Essences can support emotional health and well-being.
  • Learn the history, development and properties of the natural, gentle Bach Flower essence system with 38 essences.
  • Learn how to make a Bach Flower Essence mix.

(In face-to-face classes participants can actually make up individual bottles. Online classes, photos and/or demonstration only).


  • Able to identify the grouping, names and basic key purpose of each Bach Flower Essence.
  • Through discussion and simple case studies be able to identify which Bach Flower Essences can be suggested for use in specific situations to help restore well being.
  • Know where to source the Bach Flower Essences.
  • Able to explain how to make up Bach Flower Essences.

This is class is being offered online until Covid-19 restrictions ease and face-to face classes can once again operate. An email with a Zoom link prior to the start date, will enable you to join your class each week. Requirements: Computer/laptop with webcam, microphone, speakers or a smart device such as iPad, iPhone or other smart phone/tablet to participate. Make sure you have the Zoom App.

Please note that Bach Flower Essences do not replace consultations with medical practitioners or any medication(s).

About the tutor:

Petrana has been studying the benefits of Bach Flowers since 2002. She's been a student here in Sydney at the Nature Care College and is a registered Bach Flower Practitioner with a Diploma of Holistic Counselling and Life Care. She looks forward to sharing her knowledge and passion for Bach Flowers, with you.

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