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Colour Your World


Enjoy a creative experience using Acrylic to mixed media painting. Discover a technique of releasing

negativity & embracing the beautiful, positive colours of our World.

This class is open to anyone who wishes to pick up a brush or pencil & create, from beginner to the

more advanced Artist.


Vikki Jackson studied Fine Arts & Calligraphic Design where she discovered mixed media &


In 2012, after posting images of her work on a website called “Put Some Colour in Your Life”, she

was contacted by the incredibly talented Australian Artist & TV show host Graeme Stevenson who

asked her to be a part of the “Colour in your Life” team at Art Expo. This was the very first time Vikki’s

art was on display to the public.

In 2016, Graeme finally convinced her to appear on the show. The episode has since aired around

Australia & Europe.

Along life’s journey Vikki discovered a technique of expressing her feelings through Art & wishes to

share this method with others in a relaxed & joyful experience

Vikki Jackson’s website:
TV Show:

What to Bring:

Watercolour pad A3 or A2

HB pencil



Basic paint set with Primary colours (or more if you wish)…Matisse or Jo Sonja’s

Optional if wishing to do Mixed Media:

Set of pencils

Permanent Ink Markers

Soft pastels

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