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French for Travellers

The French for Travellers course is designed for students ready or planning to travel to France.
It is designed as a beginners' accelerated course, providing phrases and strategies, to help you ask for and understand what you need to know when travelling in France.
Tips on French travel information and on French politeness and etiquette will also be included.
The course will cover:
Greetings; Ordering food and drinks; Numbers and currency; Telling the time; Asking for directions; What to find where in Paris;
Train travel and Accommodation in France; Essential French phrases
By the end of this course, students should be able to make the most of a stay in France by being able to :
1. Speak clearly in basic French in a travel setting
2. Ask basic questions in French and understand the replies
3. Have an understanding of French politeness and etiquette
Students who then wish to pursue further studies of French should be ready to move on to French level 2 later in the year.

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