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Life Drawing

Figure Drawing 

Drawing directly from a model is a time honoured skill that that helps develop observational drawing of the human form. The Figure Drawing Course is an enjoyable introduction to different approaches that can be used to help draw the human form - dynamically, accurately, and quickly! 

About the workshop This fast moving and fun workshop teaches different approaches that develop observation, improvisation and creative expression. Material requirements are minimal - plenty of paper, charcoal, compressed charcoal, a few pastels and erasers. (materials can be supplied if required). 

About the teacher Peter Mackie is currently the life drawing tutor and assessor at Sydney Art School (the only privately run RTO teaching art in Australia). As a practicing artist his work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Australia and overseas. Additional to teaching diploma students he facilitates life drawing workshops for various community drawing groups.

What you will need:
To get the most out of your time in this class you will need to have the following art materials;
You will need A LOT… (just to repeat - A LOT) of inexpensive drawing paper that is
preferably LARGER than A3.
We will be doing many, many, many, practice drawings.
So make sure you have a good supply.

IKEA PAPER is ideal and is also available through Amazon -
Ikea Mala Drawing Paper Roll, 47 cm W, 30 Medium/Large, White .
Officeworks and Kmart both have similar inexpensive rolls of paper.
If you buy rolled paper, please cut to size and place under some heavy objects so it can unroll
You can also bring additional better quality paper if you wish.
willow charcoal 5mm+ diameter
PENCILS (not essential)
2B 4B
A kneadable easer
A regular hard pencil eraser
If you want to prevent your charcoal drawings from smudging, buy a can of Workable fixative
or more cheaply - hair spray (available from Woolworths. $3/can).
These are necessary to hold your paper in place on the drawing boards.
PASTEL OR CONTE (not essential)
A couple of colour pastels or conte including white
You can, of course, bring any other drawing materials you have.
Please try to arrive before the class begins for maximum time drawing.

I look forward to working with you
Peter Mackie
Instagram: @peter.mackie

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