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Lunchtime Meditation

Inner Serenity: Meditation and Relaxation Workshop

Experience the ultimate lunchtime escape from the chaos of everyday life as you delve into the serene world of meditation and relaxation.

In this workshop you will be provided with the tools to handle stress and digital overwhelm while sharpening your focus and reducing that nagging mind chatter. 

Through breathwork, mindfulness and relaxation exercises you will embark on a transformative journey to discover the profound benefits of practising stillness.

Join us for this rejuvenating workshop and embrace the peace that resides within you. 

Secure your spot today and embark on a path to greater serenity and self-discovery. 

Your journey to inner calm begins here.

If you are joining the class straight from work, that's great! You can sit on a comfy chair or on the ground, whatever you prefer and find comfortable.

Alternatively, you are welcome to bring your own yoga mat and/or meditation cushion (especially if you have back problems) and a warm blanket/clothing layer (as during the relaxation exercise your body temperature may drop, which is normal)

What to bring:

  • Yoga mat/meditation cushion
  • Light blanket/extra layer of clothing

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