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Join us for a creative and fun Origami Art class!
This workshop is designed for everyone who is interested in the art of origami.

With easy step=by=step instructions you can create beautiful 3D paper folding art .
Origami is a Traditional Japanese Art form of folding paper.
It is not just art, there are many benefits such as helps develop mental focus, hand=eye
coordination, your memory strength, fine motor skills, creativity and imagination.

In this workshop you will learn to fold colourful origami paper and create beautiful designs such as
animal shapes, crane birds, flowers, boxes and many
more. Crane bird is one of the most famous designs.
Listen to relax music and you will have lots of fun in this workshop.
Let your creativity and imagination flow!
Origami is a great communication tool that brings people together in the community.

What are the benefits of ORIGAMI?

• Helps develop mental focus
• Helps develop hand=eye coordination
• Strength your memory
• Helps develop fine motor skills
• Relaxation
• Develop creativity and imagination

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