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Aussie Pet First Aid and CPR

PetAware™ Workshop: Aussie Pet Care™ First Aid and CPR
Ever wanted to learn how to save your best friend (dog or cat) in an emergency
and perform pet first aid, rescue breathing and CPR? How about assessing the
health of your pet including heart and respiratory rate, mucous membrane colour,
capillary refill time?…then this is the course for you.
You can learn all these valuable pet life saving techniques and much more in this
invaluable session whether you want to work as a vet nurse, animal trainer or
carer or just learn how to better care for your own pet animal.
Your Instructor and Teacher, Dr David Horan, “Dr Dave”, is a qualified
veterinarian with over 30 years clinical veterinary experience and is currently the
Director and Founder of, and /

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