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Pelvic Floor Exercises and Strategies Course

Pelvic Floor Exercises and Strategies Course

This course is about having a well-functioning, youthful body for yourself. It is an easy-to-follow, comprehensive, evidence-based program that offers Real Time Ultrasound (private & non-invasive) so you can learn and practice pelvic floor exercises correctly and properly. This course is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. You don’t have to have strong pelvic floor muscles to attend.

There are no embarrassing questions, examinations or insertable devices involved.

Sneeze with confidence
Enjoy your coffee and still manage to hold on
Exercise without leaking
Take charge of your prolapse
Feel younger and stronger
Boost your orgasmic potential and
Tone up your core

About the course

Exercising your pelvic floor muscles represents the best first-line, self-management strategy available to you, and it is the only form of exercise supported by research on incontinence and prolapse. It is indispensable in strengthening and maintaining your pelvic floor.

For pelvic floor exercises to work, however, they must be correct, focused, structured, and of just the right intensity. Therefore, during this course you will learn a pelvic floor muscle training routine that is structured into five carefully tested and selected easy-to-learn exercises, targeting every key area of muscle development. These exercises need only be performed once a day on most days for approximately 10 minutes.

You will also learn to add pelvic floor strategies to your daily tasks to further support your pelvic floor function and enable you to protect yourself from reoccurring issues.

Why would you sign up?

Bladder control issues, prolapse, and sexual dissatisfaction have a serious impact on quality of life, activity levels and self-esteem. Pelvic floor exercises have up to 90% cure rate for incontinence, used as an effective treatment to stabilise or reverse prolapse and result in enhanced sexual satisfaction.

Research shows that simple verbal or written instructions are not enough to prepare most women to engage in proper pelvic floor strengthening exercises. Therefore many women are unsure about pelvic floor exercises and often exercise incorrectly.

The method used during this course teaches you the right way to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles with ample, precise supporting guidelines, so you can experience the full potential of these exercises.

Pelvic Floor Exercises are especially important if you want to:

  • stop experiencing bladder accidents
  • enjoy sex with "fireworks display"
  • know how to better manage your prolapse
  • counteract the pelvic floor impact of menopause or pregnancy
  • restore your pelvic floor following childbirth (even many years later)
  • prepare for surgery or safeguard the benefits already gained from a procedure

About the Creators

Katalin Janssens
Founder and Program Director and Facilitator

Katalin is an exercise therapist and women’s health educator. She has completed a Diploma Course in Physiotherapy with the prestigious Hungarian Semmelweis University of Health Sciences. In 2005, incorporating evidence-based information resulting from extensive research, Kathi created Discreetly Fit. Since then, many hundreds of women have taken part in her unique program and have achieved great results.

Mary O’Dwyer
Program Consultant, Pelvic Health Physiotherapist

Mary is an internationally recognised Australian pelvic floor specialist physiotherapist, a guest lecturer for the Continence Foundation of Australia, and an author. Mary collaborates with Kati as a consultant, ensuring that the best information and services are provided by the Discreetly Fit program in pelvic floor health.

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