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Sales Skills Assessment

Personal Development-Finding Your "YOU"
HKCC has teamed up with Focal Point powered by Brian Tracy Global to introduce selected psychometric assessments we believe will attract interest and help people wishing to aspire in their careers.

Different types of assessments help identify your strengths and weaknesses and help bring out the best in YOU. These tests are designed to help use your profile, behavioural attributes and motivational driving forces to a job that best suits YOU. They are not designed to reveal your secrets or designed to improve your confidential information. “When you develop yourself to the point where you believe in yourself so strongly, that you know you can accomplish anything you put your mind to, your future will be unlimited”-Brian Tracy

2. Sales Skills Assessment
By undertaking a Sales Skills Index assessment, you will learn about identifying ways:
1. To simplify sales strategies to crystalize your steps to sales superstardom.
2. To effectively close sales opportunities and continually find new prospects.
3. To build confidence in salespeople by giving them the fundamental tools to grow as professional salespeople.
After completing this online, computer-based assessment, you will become aware of your areas of strengths and weaknesses as part of the sales selling cycle. You will gain a deep and meaningful insight into your own selling style and whether a sales career is best suitable for you. We will conduct a classroom based debrief session and each participant will receive their comprehensive Report to keep. This will be followed by a further 1 hour training session on selling techniques.

Choose any 2 of the Personal Development courses for $700.00
Choose any 3 of the Personal Development courses for only $900.00
Register for all 4 and pay only $999.00. You save $300.00!

Delivery Format:
After you have registered with HKCC, they will invoice you for $700; or $900 or $999 depending on the option you chose.
Once your payment has been processed, we will:
1. Provide you with a login and password to access the assessment.
2. HKCC will advise you which day to come in and complete the online, computer-based assessment. Should not take longer than 30 minutes
3. We will then provide you with a comprehensive Report on the scheduled class dates for each of the topics above and depending on the option you chose. Currently, the dates are: 11 October (Topic 1); 18 October (Topic 2); 25 October (Topic 3) and 1 November (Topic 4)
4. On each of these dates, we will do a full debrief session for the group and everyone that registered and paid, will receive their individual Reports on that topic on each of the dates, except the last date (this date is for a workshop only).

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