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Starting your own Business

Starting and owning your own business can be both exciting and challenging. In this course, you will learn not only what it takes to get your business started on the right foot, but how to avoid the common mistakes and pitfalls owners make to ensure your business thrives. Over four weeks we will work through a broad range of topics, including; The competitive environment and how your business fits Understanding products and pricing Developing a business plan Recruiting and managing... [More]

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Business Documents

In this course you will learn the skills necessary to design and produce various business documents and publications. Prerequisites: Fundamental skills in computer operations and keyboarding. Please contact our office if you wish to enrol in the accredited unit BSBITU306 – Design and produce business documents. [More]

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English for Business

This intermediate course is for students from a non-English speaking background. Learners will practice their spoken and written communication skills, increasing their confidence and language skills for an existing or future work environment. [More]

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Buying an Investment Property

If you are thinking of buying a property or learning more about how the real estate market works, this is the course for you. Gain the knowledge and confidence to buy your own home or investment property. Topics covered include: the characteristics of a good investment property, the buying process, negotiation tactics, creating cash flow from your property and depreciation and tax deductions. This is a fun and relaxed course that includes case studies and it’s taught by a real... [More]

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Make a Website with

Create your own professional website on •Set up 5 generic pages • Learn how to add text and images • Add a Google Map • Add YouTube Videos • Add a link to another page • Add a gallery and slideshow • Add your own domain name • Publish Live on the day Pre-requisites Basic computer skills Outcome Students will have an understanding how to create a web site and upload it. What to Bring Pen & paper [More]

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Develop a Marketing Plan Masterclass

If you are a Small Business owner who is wanting to grow and build your business, then a well understood marketing plan is essential. By establishing well-chosen marketing strategies and using innovative techniques -you can save time and really attract the people you are meant to serve. We will be using the Australian Government Marketing Plan template and discussing each section using the International Marketing system – BookYourselfSolid® . Pre-requisite Nil What to Bring Nil... [More]

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Improve your Skills - DISC

Are You Using Your Skills where You Enjoy More Happiness, Success and Stronger Relationships? Find out by joining us on this exciting, interesting and practical Workshop to help you identify your own: • Strengths and weaknesses • Communication style • How you can foster smooth working relationships • Reduce stress and anxiety DISC is the universal language that helps us identify our own and other people’s behavioural style, without a single word being spoken! How? Come and find out... [More]

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Techniques of Goal Setting

Personal Development-Finding Your "YOU" HKCC has teamed up with Focal Point powered by Brian Tracy Global to introduce selected psychometric assessments we believe will attract interest and help people wishing to aspire in their careers. Different types of assessments help identify your strengths and weaknesses and help bring out the best in YOU. These tests are designed to help use your profile, behavioural attributes and motivational driving forces to a job that best suits YOU.... [More]

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Work Health and Safety

In this training you will learn the skills and knowledge required to work in a manner that is healthy and safe in relation to self and others and to respond to emergency incidents. It covers following work health and safety (WHS) and emergency procedures and instructions, implementing WHS requirements and participating in WHS consultative processes. It applies to individuals who require a basic knowledge of WHS to carry out work in a defined context under direct supervision or with... [More]

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How to Market Your Private Practice

Running your private practice can be a very rewarding experience but it can also be challenging to grow your business by finding a constant stream of clients. You might be getting referrals from other practitioners already, but do you have still enough work? Do you sometimes worry where your next client will come from? If you have recently started your practice, do you know what you need to do to bring more clients? Whether you are a counsellor, web designer, lawyer, chiropractor... [More]