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1 04 Jul 16 Art Show 2016
John Windus
Fran Nott
Paul Miller
Introduction To The Radio program. John’s background as an artist in Amsterdam, and the college art show. Fran Nott discusses art at the college and as a student of John Windus. Paul discusses his art/life journey and his motivation as an artist.
2 13 Jul 16 Community Service and Health Industry
Sarah Laxson
Deanne Douglas
Aggie Connolly
Sarah discusses Private Care and her role as Client Services Manager. Deanne discusses her role at the college and her course in Individual Support. Aggie discusses her experience as a student in Individual Support at HKCC, and her prospects for employment.
3 20 Jul 16 Break Thru – challenges encountered by people with disabilities
Paige Bellmaine
Simon Rodie
Matthew Robinson
Paige discusses the services provided by Break Thru in assisting disenfranchised people to create their own futures, as well as some of the barriers and challenges. Simon discusses the training environment at HKCC. Mathew discusses his traineeship and the changes he has experienced as a result.