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Oracle and Angel Reading

Welcome to "Oracle and Angel Reading" for Beginners, an immersive journey into the mystical and transformative world of oracle cards. This course is designed to be your gateway into the ancient and enchanting practice of oracle card reading, offering you the tools, knowledge, and confidence to embark on your personal path of spiritual discovery and intuitive development. Whether you are new to card readings or have dabbled in other forms of spiritual practice, this course will provide you with a solid foundation to understand and utilise oracle cards for guidance, reflection, and personal growth.

Oracle cards are a powerful and versatile tool used for divination, self-reflection, and spiritual insight.  Unlike traditional tarot cards, which follow a specific structure and set of archetypal meanings, oracle cards offer a more flexible and varied approach.  Each deck is unique, featuring its own set of symbols, themes, and messages, allowing for a more personalised and intuitive reading experience.  This flexibility makes oracle cards particularly accessible and appealing for beginners, as they encourage a more intuitive and individualised connection to the messages received.

In addition to individual card meanings, you will also learn about various card spreads and layouts. Card spreads are specific patterns in which the cards are laid out during a reading, each position holding a particular significance.  From simple one-card draws to more complex spreads like the Spirit Guides Spread and Manifesting Money Spread, you will explore different ways to arrange the cards to gain insight into various aspects of your life.  Each spread offers a unique perspective, allowing you to delve into specific questions, challenges, and opportunities with greater clarity and depth.

Practical application is a crucial component of this course.  Throughout our sessions, you will have ample opportunities to practice your readings, both for yourself and for others.  It will be a lot of fun!

 By the end of this course, you will have developed a solid foundation in oracle card reading.  You will have the knowledge and skills to conduct your own readings with confidence and clarity, using the cards as a tool for self-discovery, guidance, and transformation.  You will also have gained a deeper understanding of your intuitive abilities, learning to trust your inner voice and navigate your spiritual path with greater awareness and insight.

What to bring:

 ·         Notepad and pen.

·         Any crystals you want to have with you as you learn.

·         Work Your Light Oracle Cards by Rebecca Campbell.  (These can be purchased at Big W, Angus & Robertson, QBD Books or online with many providers.)


Megan North has been reading oracle cards for over 20 years and has been offering readings in her business for the last 6 years.  Her strongest gift is clairaudience which is the gift of hearing and when she does a reading her angels and spirit guides share their messages and insights which is an incredible experience, not only for Megan but also for her clients.


Practice, practice, practice is so important when learning how to do an oracle card reading.  With this in mind, each week’s classes will have a blend of some theory as well as learning new Oracle Card Spreads.

Week 1

Theory:           Introduction to Oracle Cards and types of Oracle Card Decks.

Spreads:        Basic One and Three Card Spreads.

Week 2

Theory:           Preparing for a reading and how to tune in to your intuition.

Spreads:        Clarity & Guidance Spreads.

Week 3

Theory:           Understanding card meanings.

Spreads:        Love & Relationship Spreads.

Week 4

Theory:           Building a relationship with your cards.

Spreads:        Spiritual Development Spreads.

Week 5

Theory:           Conducting a reading for yourself.

Spreads:        Personal Development Spreads.

Week 6

Theory:           Conducting a reading for others.

Spreads:        Spiritual Healing Spreads.

Week 7

Theory:           Wrap up of previous 6 weeks and Q&A.

Spreads:        Money & Manifestation Spreads.

$225 Limited inc GST
Oracle and Angel Reading

<p>Welcome to "Oracle and Angel Reading" for Beginners, an immersive journey into the mystical and transformative world of oracle cards. This course is designed to be your gateway into the ancient and


NO LIFT ACCESS during Term 3

Please note, HKCC premises (Level 1, 45 Hunter Street, Hornsby) will not be accessible via lift during Term 3, due to the lift being replaced. We apologise for the inconvenience. Should this prevent you from joining class, please talk to us. We will try to make accommodations where possible. 

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