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Impressionist Painting or any Painting Style

The Impressionists produced some of the most lyrical and beautiful paintings, such as Turner, Monet etc. Our highly regarded and experienced Art Tutor, John Windus, will show you how relatively easy it is to create any quality artwork yourself. In the process you will discover the effective use of colour, light, composition and a variety of techniques. John is a motivating teacher as well as an exhibiting and international artist. Beginners and experienced students are welcome to... [More]
$240 Limited inc GST / $230
Impressionist Painting or any Painting Style

<p>The Impressionists produced some of the most lyrical and beautiful paintings, such as Turner, Monet etc. Our highly regarded and experienced Art Tutor, John Windus, will show you how relatively


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Art for the Young at Heart

Relax, enjoy a cuppa, meet new friends, and explore your creative spirit, in these creative art class . Whether new to art, or eager to refresh your existing skills, these enjoyable classes will help you to explore a range of mixed media materials in 2D and 3D, acrylics, watercolours, pastels and crayons. You will learn to be creative and to inspire your artistic skills. Pre-requisite Nil Outcome Meet new friends and have fun with art. What to Bring An old shirt or apron, a small... [More]

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Art Master Workshop

For Intermediate to Advanced Students Art is a journey in which there is no end destination. We are always students and learning is the value and goal in itself. There comes a time when you have gathered enough artistic skills to realise how little you know. This can be a frustrating period. You can feel stalled...even feel like giving up on art altogether. These workshops are offered to those like-minded artists who desire a refreshing fun day to bring back joyful wonderment in... [More]

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Japanese Art & Craft

Do you like art & craft and looking for a new ideas? Japanese art is very beautiful and creative. Over the next few weeks, you will learn a variety of traditional Japanese art. This includes • Sashiko (Japanese stitching) • Japanese calligraphy art • Needle Felting • Ceramic (basic) • Simple Macrame • Origami/Gift wrapping • Kirie /Basic (Japanese paper cutting art) You will enjoy creating and learning about each different technique. Course will be run online via Zoom. Students to... [More]

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Creative Painting with water-based media

Learn to draw and paint with confidence, in a relaxed class, using the medium of your choice. We will be focussed from the start, on drawing with pencil, and/or charcoal, and learning basic principals of composition, values, shapes, line and tone, perspective etc., working from a still life set up initially. Then we will move into colour, with some basic principles of colour theory, and use of other drawing and painting materials in our work. We can choose to work with... [More]

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Creative Mixed Media & Painting

This class gives the student the opportunity to further experiment with water-based painting materials in a more intuitive and expressive way, whilst developing their own unique style. We will be working mainly with acrylics, watercolours, gouache, acrylic inks, pastels, crayons, pencils, text and collage, and focusing on composition, colour and texture, using found objects, photographic images and the imagination. Students can build on their existing knowledge with individual... [More]

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Drawing & Mixed Media

This class will be an opportunity to explore and experiment with different mediums – including pencils, crayons, ink, water colour, acrylic paint, wax & dyes – working on numerous surfaces, such as paper, board, cardboard and canvas. The aim of the class is to expand skills and develop confidence in drawing and painting, composition, observation, hand eye coordination – and also learn about colour, form, shape and tone. Whilst providing a creative enjoyable class encouraging... [More]

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Saturday - Painting or Drawing

If you have always wanted to paint or go back to painting, this Painting on Saturday class is for you. Wind down at the end of the week, and enjoy a relaxed and friendly environment .Beginners to advanced students will work at their own pace.You will be exposed to contemporary art marking through different techniques and learn how colour, light and composition can enhance your work in a number of ways. We will look at how to display your work and how to painting economically.Come... [More]

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Print Making

This class explores how to experiment, develop and implement various print making techniques for creating the unexpected, playful and creative artistic effects – whilst enjoying the creative process and delighting in the making and exploring of new art and methods. Principles and Elements of design will be investigated. Suitable for people of all skill levels. Requirements list will be provided at the time of enrolling. Equipment will be provided. Paper and inks can be purchased... [More]

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Paint with Passion

PAINT WITH PASSION! This class will focus on developing skills with mixed media. Students at all levels welcome, as drawing will be a strong focus. You will be encouraged to experiment with different media, eg. Charcoal, pencils, pastels, acrylics, watercolours, inks and gouache. Use of collage and acrylic pastes and texture mediums and gels will be encouraged. There will be guidance in composition, use of line and tone, perspective and we will learn some basic colour theory. Bring... [More]

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