Terms and Conditions Hornsby - Ku-ring-gai Community College

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Enrolment Conditions

We would like to welcome you to Hornsby Kuring-Gai Community College Inc and trust that your experience will be rewarding and valuable. Below you will find information about student rights and responsibilities and some of our codes of practice at the College.

Some personal information will be required to complete your enrolment.
The federal government requires all colleges to collect statistics to assist with educational planning. All information will be treated with the strictest confidence. We suggest you provide as many contact methods as possible so we can inform you easily if a Trainer is ill or a class is cancelled.

Students with severe allergies, medical conditions or disabilities which may affect their participation should inform HKCC at the time of enrolment to ensure that our Disabilities Officer knows of your disability prior to commencement of class. They will endeavour to assist you with your safety and enjoyment of the class. Students participate in our classes at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety. When in doubt, students should seek medical advice prior to class commencement particularly for physically active classes such as Yoga or Pilates.

We are an adult community college and it is against HKCC’s policy to bring children under the age of 16 into a class, unless otherwise stated.
HKCC reserves the right to refuse admittance to any student particularly those who display rude, abusive or disruptive behaviour.

Family members, friends or children may not accompany students to classes. An exception may be considered for students with disabilities upon application to the Disabilities Officer.

Cancelled classes

Hornsby Ku-Ring-Gai Community College reserves the right to cancel a course when there are insufficient enrolments. This usually occurs within two working days of the course start date. Each enrolled student will be contacted by phone or email (if email provided).

If the College cancels a class for any reason, you will be given the option to transfer to another course or receive a full refund, which will be issued within two weeks of the class being cancelled.

Payments made by credit card will be refunded to that credit card.
You can assist us by enrolling early and providing us with both day and evening contact numbers. (Courses may be permitted to continue at the same fee for a shorter period where enrolment numbers are lower than the usual minimum required.)


Hornsby Ku-Ring-Gai Community College Inc (HKCC) will refund all collected course payment for a cancellation of class by HKCC for any reason.

Credit card refunds will be returned on the same credit card. Refunds for cash and cheques will be paid via direct debit.

If HKCC receives notice of transfer or withdrawal five working days prior to the advertised starting date of a course, a refund or transfer minus $20 administration fee will be granted.

No refunds or transfers will be granted for notice within fewer than five working days prior to the advertised starting date of the course.

HKCC does not accept responsibility for changes in the student’s personal circumstances or work commitments, or for books or materials purchased for a course which may have been cancelled.


Please note that concessions do not apply to accredited, funded, English Language or computer classes. For courses showing a concession rate, a valid concession card must be shown or recorded, at the time of enrolment and not claimed retrospectively.

Below is a list of valid cards

  • Pension card
  • Seniors card
  • Health Care card
  • Valid current Centrelink card

Concession only applies to the tuition part of a course cost and not to
the cost of any materials or consumables noted for the class.


Hornsby Kuring-Gai Community College reserves the right to adjust class times, locations and Trainers for courses listed in the course guide. Every attempt will be made to notify students of any changes made. Please ensure your contact details are current and accurate.

Student Privacy

Your personal information is needed by HKCC to manage your course
enrolment and allow us to contact you should the need arise. The federal government requires all colleges to collect statistics to assist with educational planning. Under the Privacy Act of 1988_ and amended in 2001, no personal information will be disclosed to unauthorised agencies and will be treated with the strictest confidence. If HKCC needs to send information concerning the outcomes of a student to any third party, (such as the Royal Life Saving Society), we will ask you to sign an Authorisation for Disclosure form.

Workplace health and safety

Hornsby Kuring-Gai Community College is committed to providing a safe workplace and complying with all legislative requirements. Specific emergency evacuation procedures are given at course commencement. All classrooms have evacuation diagrams displayed on walls. Students should notify an HKCC staff member of any Workplace Health and Safety concerns.

Course Evaluations

HKCC is committed and focused towards the continuous improvement of customer service and program quality. To support these efforts, we ask you to fill in a Student Course Evaluation Form and welcome any ideas or suggestions to improve our classes.


Membership is a way of supporting HKCC, for the $5 membership fee per year; you will receive two brochures over a one year period. You will also be welcome to attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting.


Any grievances should be stated in writing and sent to HKCC marked "+For
the Attention of the Principal in Confidence+".

Child Protection

HKCC complies with the Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act 1998. This legislation is to provide for the care and protection of, and the provision of services to, children and young persons. HKCC Trainers teaching minors in class are requested to get a Working With Children Check at the Office of the Children’s Guardian, NSW Government.

Statement of Attendance

For general or non-accredited courses a ‘Statement of Attendance’ is available. To qualify, a student must attend 75% of the course and an administration fee of $20 applies to this service.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are available from Customer Service, but please note they must be used within a 12 month period from the date of the certificate.


As prescribed by the ATO, courses that have an intended outcome of facilitating work or further study skills will not attract a GST component. All courses which are for personal benefit or satisfaction will attract a GST.


Smoking is not permitted in enclosed public places and within four metres of pedestrian entrances to, or exit from a public building in NSW, Smoke-free Environment Act 2000. This law applies in and around the HKCC building.

Student Information for Accredited Courses


Photo identification must be produced at the time of enrolling in an accredited or English class; for example, driver’s license, birth certificate, passport. Should you choose not to continue with your accredited course, refunds will not be given. For most accredited courses you will be required to come to Hornsby Kuring-Gai Community College for a pre-course interview and assessment for suitability to do the course.


For a full qualification, a certificate stating the name of the award will be provided after all the assessment criteria have been successfully met. If you are participating in a skill set or single unit accredited course, you will be provided with a Statement of Attainment for the units successfully completed. If you choose not to be assessed, or are deemed Not Yet Competent, a Statement of Attendance can be provided, providing you have attended at least 80% of your course.

Re-issuing of qualifications and transcripts

Re-issue of qualifications and transcripts will incur an administration fee of $60.00. Please store your documents safely.

Competence and Competency standards

ASQA (Australian Skills Quality Authority) has registered HKCC as a RTO (Registered Training Organisation) for specific qualifications and courses.
These are taught and assessed to national competency standards and lead to a nationally recognised qualification. Students must demonstrate competence in all assessment criteria.


Assessments will be given to you either in the classroom or sent electronically. Your Assessor will assess your work and determine whether the assessment evidence submitted is deemed Competent or Not Yet Competent (NYC). If a learner is deemed NYC an opportunity/s will be given to rectify the shortfall in the assessment task during the duration of study. If the result is still NYC at the end of the course’s duration, there will be a further administration charge of $60 to resubmit your work.

Appeals Against Assessment Decision

If you do not agree with an accredited course assessment outcome, you may appeal and be re-assessed. The appeal must be directed to HKCC’s VET Manager or Course Coordinator, no later than seven working days after the assessment has been made.

Student Support Services

Students who have difficulty in achieving the required level of competency may be given additional support and offered opportunities for remedial study, additional coursework or coaching. A fee may be applicable in these circumstances and will be established on a case-by-case basis, in consultation between the learner, Trainer, Course Coordinator and the VET Manager.

Learner Support Services

At HKCC we offer learner support services (free for funded classes) to current students that will help to

  • Clarify your career goals
  • Find an appropriate course that will help you fulfil your goals
  • Develop study skills
  • Improve reading, writing, speaking, listening and numerical skills
  • Identify and assist to overcome barriers that may occur
  • Referral to other services (e.g. Job Service Provider, legal, medical etc.)
  • Assist individuals to enjoy the learning experience.

Learner support services are usually provided on a one- to-one basis at the Hornsby training site, Level 1, 45 Hunter Street, Hornsby.

Please call customer service to book a suitable time.

Flexible assessment

HKCC takes all reasonable steps to accommodate student needs for assessment.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

RPL can be obtained if applicants can provide evidence of skills; activities and aptitudes acquired through past experience that match the competencies achieved through the course. A fee applies for assessing prior learning. Contact the relevant Course Coordinator or VET Manager at HKCC for the RPL application procedure.

National Recognition and Credit Transfer

Accredited Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) qualifications are recognised by HKCC if they are within the scope of registration and are subject to an authenticity check of the applicant’s documentation.
Candidates applying for a credit transfer will be required to sign a Qualification Verification form to allow HKCC to verify academic certification.

A fee may be required for Credit Transfers.

Grievances and complaints

Any grievances should be stated in writing and sent to HKCC, marked to the attention of the Principal. All grievances will be attended to within 14 days of receipt of the letter.

Student conduct

The College reserves the right to refuse admittance to, or evict a student from a class, if the student displays rude, abusive or disruptive behaviour.

Records Management

The College is responsible for keeping student details securely and no unauthorised personnel have access to private information. HKCC is required to obtain AVETMISS details from each student attending an accredited course.
The Australian Government uses this information in a general way to assist with educational planning. Student records are kept for a period of 30 years in line with legislative requirements.

Student Code of Conduct
Hornsby Ku-Ring-Gai Community College views students as equal partners in the education process. As such, students at HKCC have similar responsibilities in respect of the College and to each other.

Therefore students will

1. familiarise themselves with the policies of the College either by reading the Student Handbook, website or enrolment paperwork

2. show respectful consideration in all their interactions with each other, especially in recognition of the diversity of cultural and linguistic backgrounds represented amongst us respect the individuality and rights of all fellow students

3. maintain privacy and confidentiality in respect of all matters relating to students and staff

4. adhere to directions from the class trainers and assessors

5. work safely and not endanger others in the class

6. participate positively in class

7. adhere to all HKCC rules and regulations

8. be aware of, apply and adhere to access and equity obligations described in our access and equity section

9. students should seek any clarification of assessment requirements early. Adult students are expected to take responsibility for their own learning outside the classroom and for timetabling their study and completion of assessments to maximise their chances of a successful learning outcome

10. if a student has any concern with the content of delivery of a training course, this should be raised privately with the trainer outside of the course hours, or with an appropriate member of the College staff, or the Principal.

11. not attend class whilst intoxicated with either drugs or alcohol in their system.


Plagiarism involves using the work of another person and presenting it as one’s own. Plagiarism will result in an automatic NYC. An opportunity to re-submit will be given provided that the course is still in progress. If the plagiarised work has been identified after the course’s duration, there will be a $60 administration charge to resubmit.

Flexible learning activities

Learning activities are varied to cater for different learning styles and may include: mini-lecture, practical demonstration, verbal instruction, group or pair discussion, individual tuition within a group, and written exercises. HKCC offers support to any student with language, literacy or numeracy special needs.


As per Clause 7.3 of Standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015 (SRTO), HKCC will not collect a prospective or current learner to prepay fees in excess of a total of $1500 (being the threshold prepaid fee amount).

Course evaluations

Students are required to fill out a Quality Indicator Learner Questionnaire to assist with the evaluation of the course. Your feedback is vital to HKCC and our commitment to continuous improvement. Evaluations can be anonymous.

Complaints about RTO

Students who are not satisfied with the quality of training provided should lodge their complaint directly with Hornsby Ku-ring-Gai Community College. Students who are unable to resolve a complaint, may then contact the Ombudsman by telephone (02) 9283 2911 or email nswombo@ombo.nsw.gov.au .

Legislative Compliance

We endeavour to observe all relevant State and Commonwealth legislative and regulatory requirements including; Workplace Health and Safety, Anti-Discrimination, Equal Opportunity Employment and Privacy Acts.