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Introduction to Email Part 1

Email is one of the fundamental internet technologies, a tool used by nearly every person with an internet connection. It allows you to –at no cost – send a letter of unlimited length to one person, or many people at once. It arrives almost instantly, and they can reply straight away. Setting up your own email account will allow you to communicate with people you know in ways you never thought possible. WHAT YOU’LL LEARN This workshop covers the basic steps you need to help keep in... [More]

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Computer Level 1

In this introductory course you will be taught the basics of using a Personal Computer. You will learn how to: • Power and log onto a computer • Configure computer settings • Install, access and use computer programs • Use external storage devices to move and back up files • Save your work and power off the computer [More]

Word Processing Level 1

This course will teach you the fundamentals of using word processing software (specifically Microsoft Word 2010) to produce simple documents. You will learn how to: • Use document templates • Change the font, formatting and layout of a document • Add tables and images to a document • Print a document [More]

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Digital Devices Level 1

This course will teach you about setting up and using digital devices, such as a digital camera. You will learn how to: • Find critical information within an instruction manual • Identify the various components of a device and connect it to other devices • Configure a device’s settings and navigate the interface or menus • Power a device on and off correctly [More]

Internet Level 1

In this course you will be taught effective, appropriate and secure use of the Internet. You will learn how to: • Open and operate web-browsing software • Access specific websites • Use email services • Find information via internet search engines [More]

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E-Presentations Level 1

This course will teach you how to use Presentation software (specifically Microsoft PowerPoint 2010) to create and use an electronic presentation. You will learn how to: • Create a simple presentation including effects, formatting techniques and templates • Preview and navigate a presentation • Save and print a presentation [More]

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Spreadsheets Level 1

In this course you will be taught how to use a spreadsheet application (specifically Microsoft Excel 2010) to create and format spreadsheets. You will learn how to: • Create and format a spreadsheet • Enter simple formulae and use the auto-fill function • Include charts and other objects in a spreadsheet • Save and print a spreadsheet [More]

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Robotics Level 1

Robotics is the right place to start if you ever wanted to find out about robotics without getting your mind blown. We aim to keep things simple (but not too simple) by using kits based on the extremely popular Arduino electronics platform. This introduces the electronics and programming used in creating a robot, without the need to understand electronics or do any soldering. This course is aimed at complete beginners. The course content includes programming the robot to use: •... [More]

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Introduction to Social Media - Part 1

WHAT TO USE AND WHEN The internet helps you stay in touch with friends and loved ones. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter let you see what’s happening in the lives of friends, and allows you to let them know what’s going on in yours. Other tools like YouTube and Flickr allow you to share videos and photos with them (and the world). Finally, there are tools like Skype that let you know when people are online and talk to them in an instant – and for free. WHO IS THIS... [More]

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Introduction to the Internet - Part 1

WELCOME TO THE INTERNET! INTRODUCTION THE INTERNET - PART 1 For people who didn’t grow up with computers, the internet can seem like a scary place. There is a world of unfamiliar jargon and new ways of communicating to contend with, and sometimes it can seem overwhelming. The truth is, however, that the internet has become quite user-friendly in recent years, and anybody is capable of accessing millions of websites, sending emails, shopping and banking online, and much more. WHO IS... [More]

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