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Computers Level 3

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Word Processing Level 3

Delivered in this course are the skills and knowledge needed to design and develop text documents, using advanced word-processing functions. You will learn how to: • Determine the purpose and audience of a document and adhere to organisational requirements • Design document structure and layout to optimise readability, appearance and consistency • Include tables, images and other media within a document • Name, store and print documents [More]

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Spreadsheets Level 3


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E-Presentations Level 3

This course details the skills and software functions needed to create effective electronic presentations. You will learn how to: • Identify the purpose and audience of a presentation, along with any requirements or constraints for delivery • Design slides with a balance between readability and interest • Use templates and slide masters to ensure consistency • Finalise, save and print your presentation [More]

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Desktop Publishing Level 3

During this course, you will be taught the use of desktop publishing software (specifically Microsoft Publisher 2010) to design and create desktop published documents. You will learn how to: • Establish the purpose and intended audience of a document • Design a logical, effective and consistent document utilising templates and formatting tools • Include text, graphics and other elements in a document • Review and print a complete document [More]

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