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Privacy Policy

Your personal information is needed by Hornsby Kuring-Gai Community College Inc (HKCC) to manage your course enrolment and allow us to contact you when necessary. The federal government requires all colleges to collect statistics to assist with educational planning. Under the _Privacy Act of 1988_ and amended in 2001, no personal information will be disclosed to unauthorised agencies and will be treated with the strictest confidence.

Refund Policy

Hornsby Ku-Ring-Gai Community College Inc (HKCC) will refund all collected course payment for a cancellation of class by HKCC for any reason.

Credit card refunds will be returned on the same credit card. Refunds for cash and cheques will be paid via direct debit.

If HKCC receives notice of transfer or withdrawal 48 hours prior to the advertised starting date of a course, a refund or transfer minus $20 administration fee will be granted.

Refunds may be granted under exceptional circumstances if HKCC receives notice of transfer or withdrawal within 48 hours of the advertised starting date, minus $20 administration fee. Please contact HKCC if you foresee anything that may affect your attendance.

HKCC does not accept responsibility for changes in the student’s personal circumstances or work commitments, or for books or materials purchased for a course which may have been cancelled.

Grievance Complaints and Appeals

HKCC is committed to providing an environment of integrity and respect for all staff and learners. It values openness, honesty, tolerance and fairness.

A grievance is a cause for complaint, especially of unjust treatment. A complaint is an expression of grievance; hence a grievance need not end in a complaint (a decision not to take further action).

Grievances may usually be related to, but not always, teaching, learning or administration. Some examples of situations where grievances may arise are:

  • Teaching or administrative decisions
  • Delivery or the quality of services
  • • Behaviour of a learner/s

For example, a student being deemed Not Yet Competent for a particular unit of competency is not by itself a student grievance. There must be an element of unfairness. If unfairly assessed, then this may give rise to a grievance leading to a formal complaint. A participant who considers they have an assessment grievance or dispute should raise the matter with the assessor or course coordinator first.

Complainants are encouraged to try to settle any complaint or grievance directly and as soon as possible with the relevant individual concerned, with the aim of clarifying or resolving the complaint locally where possible. If it cannot be resolved with the relevant individual concerned the complaint needs to be escalated to the Principal. The matter will be addressed in a fair and timely manner – within 5 working days – by either HKCC’s Principal or a delegated Student Support Officer. Resolution should be attempted with twenty-one (21) days of the alleged conduct occurring.

When the attempt to settle the complaint is unsuccessful a formal complaint resolution process (appeal) can be commenced by forwarding the complaint in writing to the Principal/CEO within forty-two (42) days of the alleged complaint. Details should include:

  • The person making the complaint (including name and address)
  • The relevant person the complaint is directed against
  • What occurred, key date/s, location and reason for complaint
  • Action taken in attempt to fix the problem or why no action was taken
  • Copies of any supporting information
  • Preferred resolution approach and desired outcome/result being sought

In line with ASQA Clause 6.5, HKCC will securely maintain records of all complaints and appeals, as well as their outcomes and will action appropriate measures to minimise the risk of reoccurance.