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English Communication - Intermediate

In this course you will study the following accredited units, which are part of the FSK20113 Certificate II in Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways: FSKRDG07 Read and respond to simple workplace information FSKWTG06 Write simple workplace information This training attracts NSW Government funding under the Tech Savvy Small Business Program (TSB) and the Adult Community Education Program (ACE). Eligibility criteria apply. TECH SAVVY SMALL BUSINESS (TSB) PROGRAM This training... [More]
$180 Limited GST free / $171
English Communication - Intermediate

<p>In this course you will study the following accredited units, which are part of the FSK20113 Certificate II in Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways:

FSKRDG07 Read and respond to simple workplace


This training attracts full NSW Government funding under the Adult Community Education (ACE) and Tech Savvy Small Business (TSB) Programs, if you meet the following eligibility criteria:

• Are an AUS citizen, permanent resident, humanitarian visa holder, or a NZ citizen
• 15 years or older
• Live or work in NSW
• No longer at school or equivalent

AND (ONE of the following for ACE)

• Have very low literacy, language and/or numeracy skills, or
• Have limited employability skills where you require considerable additional support, or
• Have persistent and ongoing personal issues impacting on educational achievements, or
• Have a significant educational disadvantage impacting a student's ability to succeed in training

AND (for TSB)
• An owner or employee of a small business*

*A small business is defined as: 20 employees or less or an annual turnover of less than $2,000,000

To claim to subsidy, please contact us on 9482 1189, or email

Or or complete the online enrolment form:

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English for Beginners, Level 2

Do you need to practice and consolidate your English? Take our college's beginner course!  You will learn in a comfortable and friendly environment, through stimulating and fun activities! Study grammar, increase your speaking and listening skills, learn to write a formal or informal email correctly and learn the fundamentals of communication for everyday activities! [More]

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Advanced Conversation Skills

These sessions focus on the development of your spoken English communication skills for social and workplace interaction. This class will suit you if you are comfortable with expressing your opinion and have reasonable fluency and vocabulary – both of which will be extended in this course. Strategies will increase your ability to positively impact conversations and discussions. Colloquial Australian usage will be covered. Pre-requisite An ISLPR level above 3 or have completed... [More]

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Living in Australia

A relaxed, friendly course where participants will gain an understanding of Australian society through being introduced to its history, language, literature, culture, geography and environment. The course is for English language speakers seeking a more informed understanding and knowledge of Australian cultural traditions with a view to gaining confidence in adjusting to life in a new country, or to those with an interest in Australian society who are seeking to improve their... [More]

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Conversation for Beginners


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English for Beginners

This course is designed for learners from a non-English speaking background with basic English skills. You will practice your spoken and written English, increase your vocabulary and grammatical skills. [More]

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English Communication for Beginners

Improve your oral communication skills for everyday living Learn about accessing health and community services [More]

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English for Business

This intermediate course is for students from a non-English speaking background. Learners will practice their spoken and written communication skills, increasing their confidence and language skills for an existing or future work environment. [More]

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Vocabulary & Oral Communication


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English for Work - Communication Skills


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