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Advanced Conversation Skills

These sessions focus on the development of your spoken English communication skills for social and workplace interaction. This class will suit you if you are comfortable with expressing your opinion and have reasonable fluency and vocabulary – both of which will be extended in this course. Strategies will increase your ability to positively impact conversations and discussions. Colloquial Australian usage will be covered. Pre-requisite An ISLPR level above 3 or have completed... [More]

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Australia - its history and culture

A relaxed, friendly course where participants will gain an understanding of Australian society through being introduced to its history, language, literature, culture, geography and environment. The course is for English language speakers seeking a more informed understanding and knowledge of Australian cultural traditions with a view to gaining confidence in adjusting to life in a new country, or to those with an interest in Australian society who are seeking to improve their... [More]

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English Beginners

This course is designed for learners from a non-English speaking background with basic English skills. You will practice your spoken and written Engish, increase your vocabulary and grammatical skills. [More]

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English for Business

This intermediate course is for students from a non-English speaking background. Learners will practice their spoken and written communication skills, increasing their confidence and language skills for an existing or future work environment. [More]

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Kickstart your career

This fun, informative class teaches the tips and tricks to help kick start your career. Learn how to: Discover your areas of strength Be one of the lucky job hunters Untap the hidden job market Network with professionals Stand out from other applicants Write the best cover letter Make your resume really count Perfect the Ps of presentation How to succeed at an interview Do a job interview follow up [More]

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Intermediate Conversation Skills

This class is perfect for hesitant English language speakers who have limited grammatical knowledge and vocabulary. It will help learners develop confidence and competence in speaking, listening in the workplace as well as informal situations. The course will cover greetings, local Australian expressions, and casual social interactions. Pre-requisite This class will suit you if you are hesitant when speaking English and if you have limited grammatical structure and vocabulary. What... [More]

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Intermediate Conversation

Engaging in conversation in a language which is not your first language can be daunting; entering the workforce when you lack confidence in your ability to converse in English can be difficult. In this course you will build upon your basic English conversation skills and become a more confident English speaker ready to converse socially and in workplace situations. [More]

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Learn English Through Song

Do you know that learning a language through music and singing helps your memorisation? Research shows that learning a language through music is very effective and using music and song as a learning tool can help to expand your vocabulary as well as improve your pronunciation. This method of learning will have you understanding and speaking English in less time than through other learning methods. By learning and repeating words in various songs you will gain a much improved... [More]

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Interview Techniques


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