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English Skills for Work

h3. English Skills for Work This course is suitable for someone who needs extra reading, writing, oral communication and numeracy skills in order to prepare for vocational pathways and confidence in further development in either • A certificate 2 or 3 vocational course, or • To build skills in order to enter employment. Subsidised (fee-free) places under the Department of Education's Adult Community Education (ACE) and Program are available for this qualification. To find out if... [More]
Assessments are made against units of competency.
  • Interact effectively with others at work (FSKOCM07)
  • Read and respond to simple workplace information (FSKRDG07)
  • Read and respond to basic workplace instructions (FSKRDG03)
  • Write simple workplace information (FSKWTG06)
  • Participate in simple spoken interactions at work (FSKOCM03)
  • Engage in basic spoken exchanges at work (FSKOCM02)

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English Communication - Intermediate

What you'll learn: Speaking skills: Improve pronunciation, fluency and confidence through practice and discussion. Listening and comprehension skills: Practice your ability to understand spoken English in diverse contexts. Grammar and vocabulary: Learn about grammar concepts and broaden your vocabulary. Apply these elements effectively in spoken communication. Cultural awareness: Explore cultural expressions to communicate more effectively. [More]

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Job Seeker Breakfast

Every Monday, 9.45am to 11am from 25 July to 12 Sep Use HKCC’s computers or bring your own. Search for jobs, write your resume or cover letter. Assistance using digital technology is available. Places are limited, we therefore recommend you register beforehand. [More]

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"Digital Technology Skills for English as a second language speakers (Beginners)"

Learn digital and English language skills! This course is for for English as a second language speakers at a Beginners Level. Be Connected training is fully funded by the Australian Government for learners over the age of 50. [More]

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Advanced Conversation Skills

These sessions focus on the development of your spoken English communication skills for social and workplace interaction. This class will suit you if you are comfortable with expressing your opinion and have reasonable fluency and vocabulary – both of which will be extended in this course. Strategies will increase your ability to positively impact conversations and discussions. Colloquial Australian usage will be covered. Pre-requisite An ISLPR level above 3 or have completed... [More]

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Intermediate Conversation Skills

This class is perfect for hesitant English language speakers who have limited grammatical knowledge and vocabulary. It will help learners develop confidence and competence in speaking, listening in the workplace as well as informal situations. The course will cover greetings, local Australian expressions, and casual social interactions. Pre-requisite This class will suit you if you are hesitant when speaking English and if you have limited grammatical structure and vocabulary. What... [More]

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Learn how to correct your pronunciation of difficult English vowel and consonant sounds. The tutor will demonstrate correct articulation of problem sounds (e.g. R, L, TH, V, W and others) and provide individual feedback and exercises for ongoing practise. Pre-requisite None Outcome Learners will become more confident speakers. What to Bring Bring a pen and optional Smart Phone for recording. [More]

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Resume Writing

Compile a basic resume in a relaxed group environment. Do you want to write professional resumes and are interested in making your resume writing skills stand out? In this three-day short course you will learn the knowledge required to digitally produce your resume word documents in a workplace context. [More]

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Job Seeking Skills

In this job seeking skills class you will learn how to: Identify job opportunities Create a resume Write a cover letter Prepare for and confidently attend job interviews [More]

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English for Work - Writing Skills

In this course you will learn the skills and knowledge required to write formal and non-formal routine workplace texts and could be used for a variety of writing types and purposes in printed or digital formats, including letters and emails, instructions, quotation for proposed work factual texts, incident or accident reports, application letter, forms, or formatted job reports. An individual performing these tasks works independently and uses familiar support resources as needed.... [More]
Assessments are made against units of competency.

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