Introduction to Tablets Hornsby - Ku-ring-gai Community College

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Introduction to Tablets

Who is this workshop for?

You’ve seen friends and family watching movies and reading books on a tablet and want to fnd out more, or you want to surf the internet and send emails but don’t need or want a full-blown computer. Or maybe you like your computer but wish it was easier to use and move from place to place. Whoever you are, there are lots of reasons to love a tablet.

What you'll need:

An internet-connected tablet; either your own or supplied by the workshop organisers. You may need to share a tablet with others in the workshop.

What you'll learn:

In this workshop, you will learn how to navigate the web using a tablet device. You will learn the differences between a computer and a tablet and how the two can work together. You’ll also learn how to start up apps on your tablet, connect wirelessly to the internet and how to navigate using a virtual keyboard. Note that a significant part of this session overlaps with the Introduction to Smartphones workshop. That’s because smartphones and tablets have a great deal in common.

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