Introduction to online Shopping and Banking - Part 2 Hornsby - Ku-ring-gai Community College

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Introduction to online Shopping and Banking - Part 2

The internet provides tremendous tools for managing your finances. All those financial tasks that you had to
grind through previously – lining up at the bank, paying bills, filling out forms – can now be done online, at your own convenience, at a time of your choosing. Online banks let you pay bills, transfer money and check accounts at the click of a mouse button. There are other conveniences offered by the internet as well, including the ability to participate in millions of auctions without ever leaving your home. In this workshop, we’ll take a look at eBay, the world’s most popular auction site.

WHO IS THIS WORKSHOP FOR? You may be looking to follow-up what you learned in the Introduction to Online Shopping and Banking Part 1 workshop with some hands-on activities, or perhaps you have a basic understanding of online shopping and billing and want to see how they work and what you need to get set up before deciding to use them at home.

WHAT YOU’LL NEED An internet-connected laptop or desktop computer.

WHAT YOU’LL LEARN In this workshop you’ll learn how easy and convenient it is to shop and bank online. We’ll discuss why online banking is safe and secure, and how you can save time when you pay your bills online. You’ll also learn how to browse, buy and sell on the internet using websites such as eBay. Note that this workshop follows on from our Introduction to Online Shopping and Banking Part 1 session. Having attended that workshop would be a great help for this one, as it works through the online shopping experience (which is similar the experience of paying bills online) as well as looks at online payment options like PayPal.

Note this class is for seniors aged over 60. Hornsby Ku-Ring-Gai Community College has received funding to run these low-fee courses under the Tech Savvy Seniors Program – a NSW Government initiative in partnership with Telstra. Photo ID is required.

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