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Digital Mentoring - over 50s

One-on-one mentoring sessions are now available under the Australian government’s Be Connected Program, for learners over 50 years of age who fulfill the residency requirements. Choose the topic you are interested in from a wide range of options, including:

The Absolute Basics:
• What is a computer?
• What is a laptop?
• What is a tablet?
• what is a smartphone?
• What is the internet?

Getting to know your device:
• Using a keyboard
• Using a mouse
• Using a touchscreen,
• Using a computer

Getting started online:
• Using the internet
• Using online forms
• Using email
• Using search engines
• Introduction to internet safety

Staying safe online:
• Safe passwords
• Paying safely online
• Avoiding scams and tricks
• Downloading and saving documents
• Help and support

More online skills:
• Online shopping overview
• Socialising online
• Using Facebook overview
• Using a digital camera
• Watching and listening online

Connecting to others:
• Getting set-up for video calling
• How to use Skype
• How to use WhatsApp
• How to use FaceTime

This training attracts 100% government funding for learners over 50 who fulfill the residency requirements.

To register for a 90-minute session, please

  • Add your name to our waiting list, indicating your preferred day and time,
  • Call our office on 9482 1189, or
  • Email

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