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Photography - Level 1

**NEW COURSE TIMETABLES TBA – Thank you and stay safe.

Course will cover:

*The world of digital photography
*How to capture the right image.
*What the functions of a digital camera mean to you.
*How to get the best from your digital camera.
*Manage and enhance your creation.
*Useful tools you may already have.
*Discover the hidden parts of the camera image.
*Photography as a fulfilling hobby.

What to Bring:
Your Digital Camera, a fully charged camera battery, a memory card and something to write notes on and photos to share.

Pre requisite

No previous courses needed


Enhance the enjoyment of your own photos and the work of others.

Tutor story, Alfie Ma.

Starting taking photos as a teenager using a family camera I have maintained the passion in photography ever since. With a science and computer background I bought my digital camera about 15 years ago and have noted how technology has changed the general concept in photography.

Having been involved in running a camera club since retirement I was fortunate enough to come across the new aspects in the digital world. At the same time I was frustrated that while people are investing more on equipment and time the general focus is mainly on the collection of images. Very little has been said about enjoying the process of creation and sharing as a personal reward from a hobby.

The content of Photography Level 1 has been re-developed with enjoying photography in mind. The objective is for the class to get some fun out of creating good images through a little effort to understand what one’s camera can do for each attendee.

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