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Photography - Level 1

Course will cover:

• camera familiarisation
• camera buttons and functions explained
• image sensors and resolutions
• file formats
• lenses, focusing and focal lengths
• shooting modes
• aperture, shutter speed, ISO and how they interact
• exposure and exposure compensation
• white balance and colour temperature
• histograms
• composition
• file storage
• basic retouching
What to Bring
Your Digital SLR camera and manual, a fully charged camera battery, a memory card and something to write notes on.

Pre requisite

No previous courses needed


You will be more confident with the camera terms and manual settings

What to Bring

Camera, lenses, notepaper and a pen

$200 Limited inc GST / $190
Photography - Level 1

<p>Course will cover:</p><p>• camera familiarisation<br/>• camera buttons and functions explained<br/>• image sensors and resolutions<br/>• file formats<br/>• lenses, focusing and focal lengths<br/>•


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