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Creative Writing - Post Cards from your Life

A one day workshop: Why should post cards only be for tourists? We have many moments in our everyday life that are worth reporting on. Using the form of the postcard, we shall capture moments from the present or past to write about moments in our lives that were special and memorable. Through reflecting in our writing, we shall capture the richness in everyday moments. COURSE OUTLINE We shall explore the concept of the postcard and its uses. We shall discuss the idea of writing... [More]

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Intro to Creative Writing

If you have an idea for a book, a play, a travel memoir or even a film script – then you’ll benefit from learning the basics of creative writing. During this course you’ll be shown the techniques involved in bringing your ideas to life. You’ll also be given tips on how to maintain your focus and motivation to get to a finished manuscript. Each week, there will be simple writing exercises which are designed to help cultivate and develop your ideas. All learners will have the option... [More]

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The Writing Life of Famous Writers

A lecture/presentation We will look at the writing life of famous writers. Where did they live? Where did they write? What was their daily routine? How much did their environment and other interests shape their work? CS Lewis wrote in a university environment and had access to beautiful grounds and gardens, in particular those of Magdalen College, Oxford. Virginia Woolf had the excitement of socialising in London as well as the gardens of her country home. Daphne Du Maurier wrote... [More]

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