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Photography - Level 1

This course is for those who enjoy their photography and want to develop their knowledge and skills. Learn the basics from an experienced and professional photographer, Ray Williams. He is the choice snapper and main supplier of images for the HKCC website. Shoot a variety of subjects in various locations including crowd shots, buildings, portraits, landscapes and night shoots. There will also be some show and tell sessions. You will explore photographic hardware and software as... [More]

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Photography - Level 2

Professional and talented photographer, Ray Williams, will take intermediate shutterbugs to the next level with more advanced techniques and compositions. This level is suitable for learners who have completed the introductory course. You can see Ray’s eye-catching work on HKCC’s homepage. Pre-requisite Introductory Photography class or other entry level photography courses. Outcome Nil What to Bring Your own camera and photography equipment [More]

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Photography - Level 3

This course will be focusing on the portrait aspect of photography and use of light and shadows. Explore photography using natural and artificial light. The course will also look at body form and macro. Other subjects include focus points, light compensation and white balance utilisation. Pre-requisite Intermediate Photography class or other similar level photography course Outcome A more skilled level of photography What to Bring Camera, lenses and any other photographic equipment. [More]

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Photography Workshop

Location is everything in both photography and the movies. Take part in this vibrant weekend workshop for either the budding or experienced photographer alike. Meet on the Saturday to discuss ideas and choose a stunning location for Sunday’s BIG shoot. Pre requisite none. Outcome A fun weekend workshop with Photography What to Bring Ideas on Saturday and your camera/equipment on Sunday. [More]