Tarot and Oracle Card Reading for Beginners Hornsby - Ku-ring-gai Community College

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Tarot and Oracle Card Reading for Beginners

Tarot Cards and Oracle Cards reading are an informative and beneficial tool for people to gain spiritual insights, evaluate one’s life direction and are used daily as a tool for self-discovery.

In this course you will learn meanings for the 78 cards, and some tarot history. Everyone will have the chance to be able to give tarot readings in class for each other. Whether you decide to follow tarot as a craft or a passionate hobby, it will bring you a lifetime of pleasure and learning. When you understand the tarot cards on a theoretical basis, you will then start to read them on a more intuitive level.

This course is suitable for the complete beginner who has just acquired a tarot pack and wants to know how to use them, or for someone who has owned a set for a while and now wants to add further knowledge to what they have previously learnt before.

If you have an eye for art and love blending visual ideas together and telling a good story, then this course will be a great start for you on your exciting new tarot journey. You will enjoy the discussions, the sharing of ideas and the laughter. These are some of the things which make each tarot class a unique experience.

What to bring

  • Notepad and pen
  • The Rider Waite Tarot Deck, make sure you buy the cards in a box and not a small tin - Cards can be purchased at BIG W, Woolworths, QBD Books or via various online businesses.
  • A scarf to wrap your tarot cards in

Eugene Mitchell is a professional tarot reader and teacher eager to share his insights gained through years of studying tarot.

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