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Traditional Drawing

Six week Traditional drawing course
This is a short course is designed to introduce and to clarify, certain fundamental techniques of traditional drawing .The techniques covered in the course can be applied to the drawing any subject matter.
The question, that I am most asked, as a drawing teacher, is how I draw an Eye, Nose, Ear etc. The hard part in learning to draw is that there is no “Way” to draw any subject that works like a recipe .
Instead; it is an application of a few simple principles. These principles give a certain traditional look to a drawing. Once you get an understanding of these principles, no matter how basic, you begin to see differently. Ultimately the aim of the course is to offer students enough knowledge to begin to answer their own questions.
The answer always comes down to these principles, one way or another.
The principles taught will be.
• Line weight
• Getting behind an object
• Getting underneath an object
• Contour hatching
• Straight hatching
• The space around an object called negative space.

Subject matter for the course will be the simple shaped objects of a sphere, cube and rectangular.
All classes will start a short introduction to all the drawing principles and end with a short revision but there will be a weekly focus.

Students will need to bring.
• Fine point black biro pen
• A4 drawing Pad or loose A4 paper

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