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Computer Level 1

In this introductory course you will be taught the basics of using a Personal Computer. You will learn how to: • Power and log onto a computer • Configure computer settings • Install, access and use computer programs • Use external storage devices to move and back up files • Save your work and power off the computer [More]

Internet Level 1

In this course you will be taught effective, appropriate and secure use of the Internet. You will learn how to: • Open and operate web-browsing software • Access specific websites • Use email services • Find information via internet search engines [More]

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Robotics Level 1

Robotics is the right place to start if you ever wanted to find out about robotics without getting your mind blown. We aim to keep things simple (but not too simple) by using kits based on the extremely popular Arduino electronics platform. This introduces the electronics and programming used in creating a robot, without the need to understand electronics or do any soldering. This course is aimed at complete beginners. The course content includes programming the robot to use: •... [More]

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Android 2 - for Google's mobile operating devices

Learn how to get started with tablet computing. Set up and personalise your device. Learn about the settings and features like contacts, calendars, Gmail, maps, internet, music, photos and video. Please note this class is for Seniors aged over 60 years old. Photo identification is required. Pre-Requisite None Outcome You will become familiar with the basic functions of using your android phone/ tablet What to Bring Bring your own android phone or tablet to class Notice This course... [More]

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Robotics Level 2


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iPhone/iPad 3

Learn skills in e-mailing, surfing the web, downloading photos and installing applications. Bring along your own iPhone/ iPad. Note this class is for seniors aged over 60. Hornsby Ku-Ring-Gai Community College has received funding to run these low-fee courses under the Tech Savvy Seniors Program – a NSW Government initiative in partnership with Telstra. Photo ID is required. Notice This course is for students who own an Apple-branded iPhone or iPad device. If your device is from... [More]

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Keyboarding Level 3

In this course you will learn the skills necessary to develop keyboarding skills with speed and accuracy using touch-typing techniques and related exercises. Topics covered include: • Safe and ergonomic workstations • Touch-typing techniques, with an emphasis on accuracy • Proofing and amending documents This training applies to individuals operating in a range of environments who are required to enter text and data with speed and accuracy. Individuals may provide administrative... [More]

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Word Processing Level 3

Delivered in this course are the skills and knowledge needed to design and develop text documents, using advanced word-processing functions. You will learn how to: • Determine the purpose and audience of a document and adhere to organisational requirements • Design document structure and layout to optimise readability, appearance and consistency • Include tables, images and other media within a document • Name, store and print documents [More]

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Spreadsheets Level 3

In this class you will learn the skills and knowledge required to develop spreadsheets through the use of spreadsheet software. You will learn how to: Select and prepare resources Plan spreadsheet design Create spreadsheet Produce simple charts Finalise spreadsheets This training applies to individuals employed in a range of environments who tend to be personally responsible for designing and working with spreadsheets under minimal supervision. Please contact our office if you wish... [More]

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E-Presentations Level 3

This course details the skills and software functions needed to create effective electronic presentations. You will learn how to: • Identify the purpose and audience of a presentation, along with any requirements or constraints for delivery • Design slides with a balance between readability and interest • Use templates and slide masters to ensure consistency • Finalise, save and print your presentation Please contact our office if you wish to enrol in the accredited unit BSBITU302... [More]

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