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Introduction to online Shopping and Banking - Part 2

BANKING AND BIDDING ONLINE The internet provides tremendous tools for managing your finances. All those financial tasks that you had to grind through previously – lining up at the bank, paying bills, filling out forms – can now be done online, at your own convenience, at a time of your choosing. Online banks let you pay bills, transfer money and check accounts at the click of a mouse button. There are other conveniences offered by the internet as well, including the ability to... [More]

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Introduction to the Internet - Part 2

WELCOME TO THE INTERNET! INTRODUCTION THE INTERNET - PART 2 So you have an internet connection, a computer with a web browser and know the very basics of hyperlinks and search. Now it’s time to make the most of what you’ve learned. There are literally millions of internet sites to explore, and Part 2 of our Introduction to the Internet workshop will walk you through how to make the most of them. WHO IS THIS WORKSHOP FOR? You may be looking to extend what you learned in the... [More]

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Robotics Level 2


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Introduction to Social Media - Part 3

In this session you’ll find out how to upload both individual photos and entire photo albums to Facebook. We’ll also look at adding photos and web addresses to tweets, as well as creating your own YouTube channel and uploading videos to it to share with the world. You will be looking for ways to quickly and easily share photos, videos and message with others using existing Facebook, Google (Gmail) and/or Twitter accounts. You may have set these while attending the Introduction to... [More]

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MYOB Accounts Payable and Receivable

In this course you will learn the skills and knowledge required to maintain accounts payable and accounts receivable records, including processing payments to creditors and handling overdue accounts receivable. Prerequisites: Must have basic computer skills and some accounting knowledge. [More]

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Introduction to Tablets - Android

WHO IS THIS WORKSHOP FOR? Tablets are a revolutionary new way of accessing the internet, playing games and communicating. They can do a lot of the things your computer can do, and they can be used or carried pretty much anywhere. This workshop is for people who have never used a tablet but are interested in finding out what they can do. You don’t need to have a lot of PC or mobile smartphone experience. WHAT YOU’LL NEED Each workshop attendee will need an iPad, or be able to share... [More]

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Introduction to Smartphones - Android

In his workshop, you will learn the basics of how to navigate your way around a smartphone with a touchscreen. You will learn how to turn the phone on and off, make and receive calls, add a contact and look up a contact, and change the volume on the phone. You will also learn briefly about apps, what they are, how to download them, and the costs associated with them. What you’ll need: An internet-connected smartphone An existing Google account (or Google ID), for downloading apps... [More]

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Introduction to Transport Apps (NSW)

In this workshop you’ll learn what an app is, and how to use three different transport apps for trains, buses and other forms of public transport to get around. We’ll look at three of the more popular apps in this workshop: Transport for NSW Trip Planner Opal Travel Moovit It is important to note that here are other transport apps available, with similar functions, that you are able to investigate via Note this class is for seniors aged over 60.... [More]

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Managing Digital Assets

WHO IS THIS WORKSHOP FOR? You will almost certainly have important digital assets, including online accounts or memberships and files stored on a smartphone, computer, tablet or other digital device, as well as in the cloud. So, it’s very likely that this workshop is for you. Indeed, it’s for very nearly everyone. WHAT YOU’LL NEED FOR THIS WORKSHOP A laptop, smartphone or tablet with internet access. Your passwords and other logon information for your online activities, such as... [More]

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Sharing Photos and other attachments online

In this workshop we’ll cover using email and Facebook to share your photos and files. First up, we’ll look at how to attach files to your emails. Second, we’ll look at how you can use your Facebook account (if you have one) to upload individual photos and entire photo albums to the web, for viewing by anybody on your friends list – or in the world, if you choose. What you’ll need: An internet-connected laptop or desktop computer; either your own or supplied by the workshop... [More]

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