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Tutor Marlies Davey (Linssen) - teaching the art of Papertole at HKCC for over 25 years. Learn to papertole (also known as three dimensional decoupage) and create your own 3D pictures using a number of prints of the same image. This multi-award winning class includes cutting, edging, shaping and then gluing various pieces to give a realistic 3D picture. Marlies' students have won numerous prizes at Royal Easter shows as well as other exhibitions in and around Sydney. This course is... [More]
$195 Limited inc GST / $185

<p>Tutor Marlies Davey (Linssen) - teaching the art of Papertole at HKCC for over 25 years. Learn to papertole (also known as three dimensional decoupage) and create your own 3D pictures using a


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Ukulele Workshop Level 1

In this 2 day workshop, beginner students will quickly be able to hear the results of their efforts in commencing to play simple tunes. You are never to old to learn . Ken’s oldest student is 92yrs young ! Learn a variety of strums and styles, a brief history of the ukulele and understand the variety available on the market. You can also purchase a quality pre-prepared and pre-tuned uke directly from the tutor on the day from $35 or you may bring your own. Please ring us on... [More]

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Guitar Level 2

Level 2 – Guitar This course is aimed at those who have completed Level 1 or have a little basic playing experience. The course consolidates and expands on the skills and techniques learnt in Lvl 1. It introduces higher positions on the fretboard by way of fun, easy power chords and will show you how to play bar chords as well as continuing to master fingerpicking techniques and develop music reading skills. We will use a range of easy, new songs to utilise our chords, rhythm... [More]

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3D Perspective Drawing

Have you been aspiring to draw life like structures? Join our 3D Perspective Drawing course and learn how to draw 3-Dimentional objects on a 2 Dimensional surface. In a 5-session tutorial, you will learn how to create illusion of distance and impressions of height, depth and position. Bring your pencil and experience; to draw geometric forms, as well as interior and exterior building. You need to have basic skills in drawing still life. Pre-requisite Basic life drawing skills... [More]

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Photography - Level 3

This course will be focusing on the portrait aspect of photography and use of light and shadows. Explore photography using natural and artificial light. The course will also look at body form and macro. Other subjects include focus points, light compensation and white balance utilisation. Pre-requisite Intermediate Photography class or other similar level photography course Outcome A more skilled level of photography What to Bring Camera, lenses and any other photographic equipment. [More]

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Acting for Adults

Always wondered if you could act? Actress, director and drama tutor Halina Abramowicz (Marian Street Theatre) offers expert tuition to adults of all levels. Discover and improve your acting skills in the areas of emotional release, communication, character work, voice, movement, improvisation, and learn to approach contemporary and classical scripted material. This course is for extra professional acting training; as well as effectively improving presentation skills and building... [More]

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African Drumming and Drum Circles

Discover and enhance your musical skills in a supportive and friendly environment. Your confidence will grow as you learn all the parts of an African rhythm and play a variety of African drums. Experience the joy of playing the most fun musical instrument in community with other people. Drums are supplied or bring your own. Pre-requisite Nil Outcome Improved musical skills. What to Bring Drums are supplied or bring your own [More]

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Art for the Young at Heart

Relax, enjoy a cuppa, meet new friends, and explore your creative spirit, in these creative art class . Whether new to art, or eager to refresh your existing skills, these enjoyable classes will help you to explore a range of mixed media materials in 2D and 3D, acrylics, watercolours, pastels and crayons. You will learn to be creative and to inspire your artistic skills. Pre-requisite Nil Outcome Meet new friends and have fun with art. What to Bring An old shirt or apron, a small... [More]

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Art Master Workshop

For Intermediate to Advanced Students Art is a journey in which there is no end destination. We are always students and learning is the value and goal in itself. There comes a time when you have gathered enough artistic skills to realise how little you know. This can be a frustrating period. You can feel stalled...even feel like giving up on art altogether. These workshops are offered to those like-minded artists who desire a refreshing fun day to bring back joyful wonderment in... [More]

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Pottery and Other Ceramic Projects

Introduction to the basic skills of hand building – pinch, coil and slab construction in earthenware/stoneware clay and glaze. No wheel work. Create bowls, mugs, jugs, vases, garden ware and clay sculptures in a friendly relaxed atmosphere. No experience necessary. Work at your own pace. Experienced students are encouraged to pursue projects of special interest to them. A $30 fee is collected by the tutor on the first night to cover the cost of clay, glazes and firing.... [More]

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