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Sewing Beginners Plus

Beautiful things come together one stitch at a time........ This course is for sewers who are confident using their machine, have done at least 1 term of Sewing Beginners or some sewing at home and want to take their sewing skills and knowledge to the next level. Please note that although we intended to provide this course in Term 2, adjustments in tutor scheduling have necessitated a change. Therefore, we are currently gathering expressions of interest for this course. Please... [More]

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Sewing - Learn to Sew Workshop

New Workshop for Beginners! Are you an absolute beginner or want to brush up on the basics? In this workshop you will learn to use a sewing machine then sew a lovely lined tote bag to take home.  During this 5 hour workshop you will learn how to: -Thread your sewing machine. -Sew different stitches. -Sew straight and turn corners. -Secure your stitches. -Finish your seams so they don't fray. -Understand seam allowances. -Lay out fabric and cut correctly. -Understand basic sewing... [More]

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Sewing Lounge Pants Workshop

Have you ever wanted to learn how to sew your own lounge pants or shorts? Then this is the workshop for you! If you know the absolute basics, take your sewing to the next level and sew your own lounge pants or shorts. These will have an elasticated waistband and a comfy fit. Gain the skills and confidence to embark on your garment sewing journey. There are two sewing patterns to choose from: *The Tessuti Robbie Pants sewing pattern... [More]

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Left-Handed Hand crafts

New to HKCC! Designed specifically for left-handed individuals, this hands-on workshop will guide you through a variety of crafting techniques tailored to accommodate your unique dexterity. Whether you're interested in knitting, crocheting and other hand crafts, our talented tutor Lynne will help you master the skills needed to create beautiful projects.  Discover the joy of crafting with your dominant hand as you explore new techniques and unleash your artistic potential. Join us... [More]

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Fondant Cake Covering Workshop

A great course for any new cake decorator wanting a good starting point or an existing cake decorator wanting to refresh their skills. Learn easy skills and techniques which can be applied to any fondant covered cake for a perfect finish every time, and easy to replicate at home.   Learn the following skills: ·    Level the cake ·    Prepare the cake using chocolate ganache. ·    How to colour your fondant. ·    How to cover the cake with the prepared fondant. ·    Apply finishing... [More]

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Free Tarot Card Reading

Our 'Tarot and Oracle Card Reading for Beginners' class have been busy and they're ready to use the skills they've learnt over the last 7 weeks. We invite you to join us for a night of FREE Tarot Card Readings on Tuesday 12th of September from 6.30pm to 8pm. Places are limited so please click on the ENROL NOW icon to save your spot or call us on 9482 1189. [More]

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Tarot and Oracle Card Reading for Beginners

Tarot Cards and Oracle Cards reading are an informative and beneficial tool for people to gain spiritual insights, evaluate one’s life direction and are used daily as a tool for self-discovery. In this course you will learn meanings for the 78 cards, and some tarot history. Everyone will have the chance to be able to give tarot readings in class for each other. Whether you decide to follow tarot as a craft or a passionate hobby, it will bring you a lifetime of pleasure and... [More]

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Easter Fondant Cupcakes and Cookies

Hop on in for our Easter Cupcakes and Cookies Workshop! Bring your family and friends for an evening of creative fun. Learn to create beautiful cupcakes and cookies with an Easter theme. Learning a variety of designs and techniques, making your treats look professional and delicious. Please bring: Cutting Mat / Chopping Board – something that you can roll your icing onto Small Rolling Pin Small Knife – kitchen knife or craft blade is suitable Small Freezer Bags or Ziplock Bags – to... [More]

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Buttercream Piping Techniques

Ever wondered how to achieve that professional look when you are decorating your cakes and cupcakes? Well look no further. This workshop provides you with all the essential and foundational skills to decorate like the professionals. In this course, you will learn a variety of piping techniques and styles that can be applied to any cake or cupcake. Please bring a large chopping board or cutting mat. All other materials supplied including Cupcakes, buttercream, a box to take home... [More]

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Tarot and Oracle Card Reading-Intermediate Workshop

Take your tarot readings to the next level. In this workshop Eugene will show you how to connect to the elemental energies, symbols, numbers and colours of your cards and the affect they have when reading, both for you and the person sitting down for a reading. You'll have a chance to discuss and practice as a support group. Giving you a deeper understanding of your own individual strengths and areas of challenge. This course is designed for those who are already able to read Tarot... [More]

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