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Have you ever wanted to try a yoga class? Or do you practice already but want a deeper understanding of the fundamentals? Join us for a relaxed exploration of poses commonly found in yoga classes, including alignment, prop work and safety. In these classes, you will be guided and supported as you come to understand basic yoga philosophy, mindfulness and breathing practices and how these can be applied to your life for greater clarity and health. Each class concludes with a deeply... [More]
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<h4 id="header-have-you-ever-wanted-to-try-a-yoga-class-or-do-you-practice-already-but-want-a-deeper-understanding-of-the-fundamentals">Have you ever wanted to try a yoga class? Or do you practice


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Discover the profound connection between breath and inner peace as you learn powerful techniques to cultivate mindfulness, reduce stress, and enhance overall well-being. Through guided sessions, explore the art of conscious breathing, tapping into the body's natural rhythm to unlock a sense of calm, clarity, and vitality. Join us in this immersive experience and unlock the transformative potential of your breath for a healthier, more balanced life." [More]

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